Saigon Single Malt Club

SSMC – The Art of Malt – Est. 2002

The 62nd meeting of the SSMC – September 20, 2012

The selection of bottles that night

Another great night enjoyed together.

Stephen had few words about some tasting support available and also downloadable on the site here>>>>. This is up to each one to use or not, and since this is a first draft, any comment is welcome.

Among this selection, let’s have a closer look at 2 whiskies, which got quite good comments overall among the members, and worth saying few words:

Glenfarclas 12 years: With its rich cherry nose and mouth, make it quite unique in the selection. A tasting review here>>>.

Hakushu 12 years: This japanese single malt could easily fool rookies and got confused with a typical Islay. Bit it’s balance is quite unique and is a perfect example to consider seriously the Japanese single malts, for the ones who still doubt there are some good smoked malts out from Scotland. A tasting review here>>>.

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