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The 66th meeting of the SSMC – January 24, 2013

Aberlour A'bunadh, the "star" of that night

Aberlour A’bunadh, the “star” of that night

First tasting of 2013, and happy to welcome back a nice team of members,  after relatively quiet December 2012 meeting.

Some nice surprises tonight, especially coming from a brand new bottle of Aberlour A’bunadh, 60%, batch #40.

With this cask strength whisky, this is recommended to add on some water. Please laso note that depending on the batch numbers, the taste can be slightly differents.

Aberlours A’bunadh is Gaelic for ‘Of the origin’, it is matured exclusively in Oloroso Sherry butts and is a natural casks strength malt whisky produced without the use of modern chill-filtering methods or the addition of water. The Batch 40 is a respectful toast to Aberlour’s founder Jame Fleming, and to this day is produced in the tradition of 19th Century malts. It is a deep rich amber colour and on the nose it has aromas of mixed spices, praline and spiced orange harmonising with rich deep notes of Oloroso sherry. On the Palate it provides flavours of orange, black cherries, dried fruit and ginger spiked with dark bitter chocolate and enriched with sherry and oak. It is full bodied and creamy with a robust and intense finish, giving bitter-sweet notes of exotic spices and dark chocolate and creamy.

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