Saigon Single Malt Club

SSMC – The Art of Malt – Est. 2002

5th Annual Burns Supper January 26th, 2019

Casablanca Moroccan Cuisine restaurant and Winking Seal brewery will be co-hosting the SSMC’s 5th annual Burns Supper January 26th, 2019. Where else can westerners and Asians raise a glass to Scotland’s most renown poet, make merry with live music, and enjoy delicious dishes at a Moroccan restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City? Well, you can’t! Talk about bragging rights…. and don’t forget the haggis!

“I will not wind a lang conclusion with complimentary effusion, but, whilst your wishes and endeavors are blest with fortune’s smiles and favours, I am dear sir with zeal utmost fervent, your much indebted humble servant.” Robert Burns

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